We assist our clients by creating tailor-made strategies, based on the multiplicity of interests at play and the complexity of initiatives, taking into account that the regulatory system and organization of public bodies focus more on legal and formal administrative control than on the principle of speediness and efficiency.

We provide specialized assistance to both private parties and public administrations. In particular, we provide consulting and assistance in administrative procedures and legal representation, especially in the sectors of territorial and infrastructure governance, commerce and large-scale retail trade, the environment, public contracting, and local public services. In legal terminology, this all comes under the heading of "Administrative Law."

In the real estate sector, an analysis of conformity with construction and urban planning rules in locations, buildings or real estate assets is part of a process of due diligence that not only evaluates the risk, but also the potential for transforming and developing the asset. Assistance also involves judicial activity before Regional Courts, the Council of State and the Court of Auditors; civil jurisdictional services for public law issues such as expropriations and tenders; and arbitration.

Territorial and Infrastructure Governance

We provide legal assistance in urban development projects, in terms of both urban planning-construction initiatives (variances, implementation plans, technical implementation regulations) and the public infrastructures they involve (public works, procedures for awarding tenders, execution of work, inspections). We assist private clients in setting up and managing real estate development projects, from the choice of the best urban planning tool to the relative approval, preparing agreements and verifying their proper implementation. We assist public administrations in planning and approving plans for governing the territory, and in preparing urban planning agreements and complex planning tools. With regard to construction, we provide complete assistance, from planning to completion, assisting clients in obtaining authorizations and permits. With regard to social public and private construction, we prepare plans, agreements and anything necessary to obtain consent from all administrations involved, as well as from financing bodies. With regard to procedures for assigning work, services and supplies, we provide assistance at every stage, up to signing the contract and verifying the relative implementation phases.

Commerce and Large-Scale Retail Trade

We provide assistance and consulting for obtaining authorizations and permits to open or transfer medium-sized or large-scale retail establishments.

Environment and Energy

We provide assistance in procedures involving environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental impact assessments; in procedures for reclaiming polluted sites; in landscape authorizations and installation of energy systems (including alternative sources) as well as waste disposal and treatment; in procedures for assigning and trading emissions; to obtain water discharge authorizations, and procedures related to noise and electromagnetic pollution.

Public Services

We provide assistance in setting up procedures to assign public services, including service contracts, and in carrying out procedures for selecting contractors with regard to excluded sectors. We assist in preparing documents, contracts, letters of intent, and agreements of any origin and with any content that involve a local public service.

Contractual Action of the Public Administration

We provide specialized assistance to public administrations in the increasingly frequent exercise of private law authority. We assist our clients in the activity required to regulate public administration relationships as well as the code of contracts, going beyond mere procedures for choosing the contractor: protocols, letters of intent, agreements, boilerplate conventions, conventions for the conditional transfer of property rights, etc.

Expropriation and Indemnification

We provide assistance in public utility expropriation procedures and temporary emergency appropriation, including for purposes of obtaining the proper indemnification.

Administrative Responsibility

We provide assistance to the public administration in every procedural aspect of the activities and functions it is called to carry out. In particular, we assist public administrators and officials in the field of administrative and accounting responsibility; we assist in verifying the legitimacy of electoral procedures; we have long experience in preparing and controlling documents related to local governments (statutes, regulations, etc.) and in administrative procedures (interests, access to records, etc.).


We assist clients in all legal disputes in our sectors of specialization. In particular, we provide legal representation in actions before all administrative justice bodies, the civil courts, and the Court of Auditors, and also handle electoral and tax disputes and disputes involving public waters. We also provide assistance in arbitration proceedings and in disputes before administrative authorities (extraordinary petitions to the Head of State and judicial appeals).

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