Public Contracts

Studio Cerami – Administrative Lawyers is also an important point of reference in the field of public contracts and the associated litigation, before the Regional Administrative Court, the Council of State, the civil courts and in arbitration.

We have been assisting commissioning bodies and economic operators through all stages of the process of awarding and execution of public contracts and services ever since the first EU directives on the public procurement of works, services, supplies and concessions were introduced into Italian law.

Our in-depth knowledge of the legislation and practices for the sector enables us to provide commissioning bodies – be they contracting authorities or other public and private entities required to apply the provisions of the Public Contract Code – with specialised, turnkey assistance solutions for the acquisition of services, supplies or planned works, both through traditional procurement contracts and through the many forms of public-private partnerships and agreements between public bodies and authorities.

We also provide specialist assistance in the activities involved in regulating the relationships between public administrations, as well as between public administrations and individuals, including in matters not subject to the Public Contract Code: protocols, arrangements, use agreements, agreements on the conditional transfer of real rights, etc.