Urban Planning and Construction

We provide support in the area of urban development projects, from the conception phase – helping our clients to select the most suitable urban planning instrument, then drafting and negotiating the necessary agreements and contracts – to the construction phase, with regard not only to the aspects more closely linked to the building design of private projects, but also the design, awarding and inspection of the execution of the related public works.

We also assist public administrations in the design and approval of governmental land management plans, as well as the drafting of urban planning agreements and complex planning instruments.

We provide comprehensive assistance in the field of construction, from the design phase to the implementation of projects, and guide our clients through the process of obtaining the necessary authorisations, permits and approvals.

In terms of private property and social housing development, we draw up plans, property development agreements, detailed land regulations, urban development works, deeds of easement for public use, easements related to the development of a plan, as well as any other documents necessary to obtain the consent of all the administrations involved and the funding bodies.

We assist potential buyers and sellers in due diligence processes in the real estate sector, analysing the compliance of areas, buildings or assets in terms of construction and urban planning, and assessing the risk of the asset, but also its potential for transformation and development.

We also provide assistance in eminent domain procedures for the public interest and temporary and emergency occupation procedures, including for the purpose of obtaining fair compensation.

Our specialisms
  • – General urban planning instruments (Governmental Land Management Plans, Local Strategic Plans, etc.) and variants thereof
  • – Implementation plans (Integrated Intervention Plans, Recovery Plans, Urban Regeneration Programmes, Final Planning Agreements, Regional Internationalisation Programmes, etc.)
  • – Urban planning agreements
  • – Procedures for requesting and issuing building permits (Planning Permission, Notices of Commencement of Construction Works [SCIA, DIA, CILA], etc.)
  • – Regularisations/amnesties and violations of construction regulations
  • – Urban development works
  • – Subsidised housing, social housing, public housing (ERS and ERP)
  • – Procedures for the application of cultural and landscape restrictions
  • – Reclamation and related environmental proceedings
  • – Urban planning due diligence
  • – Eminent domain and temporary and emergency occupation procedures